Privacy Policy

Your choice of us as your favourite brand is based on trust. Protecting that trust is important to us in everything we do, also in the privacy and data protection area.

We strongly believe in beeing completely transparent to you and to always let you know how your personal information will be handled. That's why we have gathered some information on this page.

For us it´s not that complicated:

• We handle all our information about you with great respect and constantly think twice about how we can protect your privacy in how we design our services and systems.

• We only provide the information necessary about you to the companies involved in delivering your order, handling your payment and the transport to your home.

• You are entitled to request a registry extract at any time from the information we collected about you. You also have the right to have your details changed or deleted if desired.

• We are always open to your thoughts and opinions. Please contact us by email, facebook or instagram if you feel the least unsure of anything or have questions to us. Our door is always open!

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The Lohilo Team <3