FAQ - Ambassadors & Influencers

I’m not from Sweden, can I still become a member of the LOHILO crew?


How do I know the amount of purchases that have been made with my discount code?

  • You're able to see the amount of purchases on our the home page in your profile under the ambassador platform. Just log in with your fab email address at https://lohilo.leaddyno.com/ .


My discount code isn't working.. What should I do?

  • Send an email to rebecca@lohilo.com with your ambassador email and Instagram name. We will look at your profile and check out your code to make sure everything is working as it should.


My discount code doesn't work on subscriptions, how come?

  • If the code is invalid you have either;
    1. used a "one-time code" (For example; discount codes from competitions/giveaways) or
    2. your discount code hasn’t been completed yet.
    If number 2 is your situation, then just need to send an email to rebecca@lohilo.com and she will complete your code asap!

How do I get the kickback from my discount code and when do I get it?

  • All questions regarding your kickback must go through customerservice@lohilo.com as we think it's a delicate question and would rather like our most sparkling employee to take care of it <3


I would love to get some tips/inspiration/photos/help/feedback with my posts and content on social medias. Is there anyone who can help me?

  • Of course! We are always here to support you with sparkles and inspiration! Just send an email with your thoughts or questions to rebecca@lohilo.com  and she'll do her best to help you out


How do I get reposted on the LOHILO Instagram feed or in the LOHILO highlights?

  • We can't guarantee that everyone will be reposted in the feed and highlights. However, we are always checking our #lohilo hashtag and all posts that have been tagged with our name (@lohilo) on their posts and stories. If we feel inspired, happy or amazed by your post = it might end up in our feed or stories or even as the "Pic of the Week"!


What happens if I don't get any purchases from my discount code? Will I get dropped out of the LOHILO crew…?

  • NOOOOO! Of course not! When you're a part of the crew you're allowed to stay or leave whenever you like <3
  • However, if we feel like you're not committed to 100% (committed = reading our newsletters, promoting our products, support other ambassadors and so on.) we will reach out to you and see if this really is something that will benefit both of us.


What would make me “lose” my spot I have in the LOHILO crew?

  • As an ambassador you will have guidelines to follow. These guidelines are not rules, but there to help you become the best ambassador YOU can be! However, if we notice that you haven’t been making an effort for a long time or if you feel unhappy, we will reach out to you by email (or you can send us an email) where we can have a little chat about your position and see if this is really something you would like to continue with or if you would like to move on. (But ofc we hope it never comes to that! <3 )


What are my "duties" as an LOHILO ambassador, and where can I find this information?

  • The easiest way is to send a little email to rebecca@lohilo.com and ask for the "LOHILO crew guidelines".


Is it possible to get personal feedback by LOHILO?


What must I have in mind if I would like to repost a photo or video from LOHILO?

  • If the photo/video is taken by LOHILO we only would like you to tag us @lohilo and also #lohilo.
    If the photo/video is taken by another person/ambassador you need to contact this fab owner of the content and ask if you can use the photo/video.

How do I know if the photo/video doesn’t belong to LOHILO?

  • We ALWAYS make sure to tag the owner of the photo/video that we've used in our feed or highlights, by adding a little camera emoji followed by the owners Instagram name.


Do I get free products as an ambassador?

  • All new ambassadors in the LOHILO crew will get a little code to use as a treat when getting started. This code will cover a 4-pack of chewing gums or a 3-pack of our BCAA babes. After that you'll get a monthly code that's based on the amount of purchases made from your discount code (up to 1000kr).

    HOWEVER! If you're a positive ambassador who makes a sparkling effort on your social media, you can get the chance to become either the; "seller" or "content creator" or "spirit" -of the month and be rewarded with 5 free ice cream coupons! (if not from Sweden we'll treat you with something else).
    ALSO, you'll get the chance to be invited to our big events and get some inside info on new launches of our products by either a sweet "treat-code" or a delivery with some samples to try and taste at home!
    It's all up to you <3


What's the difference between a LOHILO family ambassador and a LOHILO crew ambassador?

  • As a LOHILO family ambassador you'll have other guidelines to follow and also more tasks to do that can guarantee you a monthly code = for example you'll get a code even if you don't have those purchases from your code (instead we look at a the "bigger picture").


How do I become a LOHILO family ambassador? Can I send an email and ask to become a member of the family?

  • Unfortunately no. To get into the family you must get an invitation from a LOHILO employee (ambassadors are not employees) we (employees) will send you an invitation by mail.

What is LOHILO looking at before inviting a crew ambassador to become a family ambassador?

  • If you have been a very active, enthusiastic, inspiring and sparkling LOHILO crew ambassador, who always makes an effortful example ;
    1. Committed , giving us likes and reposting our posts/competitions/recipes and so on
    2. visiting us at demos or when we are on tours near you
    3. participating in competitions/giveaways on Instagram
    4. promoting news and giving "first impression" reviews of our products
    5. participating at events that you've been invited to
    and if we just see the LOHILO spirit shining through your soul! Then we'll invite you to our LOHILO family