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I didn't get what I ordered, what do I do now?

I Have a problem checking out with Klarna?

How long is the delivery time?

  • We're usually working very fast at the warehouse and always try our best to send the orders the same
    day or at the latest the day after. Then it's up to the postal service. So keep patience and it will arrive
    very soon!

I haven't received my order. Is it missing or is it just delayed?

  • If you've ordered a bigger package you can see your DHL tracking number on your order confirmation. Track your order here --> DHL TRACKING <-- to see where your package is. If it's a smaller package, without DHL tracking since it's been shipped for free - email customerservice@lohilofoods.com and they will help you to check it up. :)

I received a broken package/product..

I accidentally ordered the wrong stuff or changed my mind, can I change the order?

  • Yup! If the shipment hasn't been sent yet you can change it yourself at lohilo.com. Just login and go to "order details". Or email customerservice@lohilofoods.com and ask them to change it for ya. However, if the shipment's already been sent we can't change the order for free because of the shipping costs.. :/

I can't pick out my order in time, what should I do?

  • Call DHL at 0771 345 345 and ask them to keep your order for a few days. You could also ask them to change the receiver name to someone who can pick it up for you, or send it to another DHL pick up place.

I didn't pick up my order in time, what do I do now?

  • Ohh no too bad :(! Our policy is that if you don't pick up your order in time - you won't unfortunately get a new one. You'll simply have to order it again. If the package is very late due to a delivery problem and that's why you couldn't pick it up.. Oh, then of course we will solve it for you :)!

I've moved and I need to change my adress.. How though? 

  • Login to your account on lohilo.com and choose "My accounts" and "View Addresses"... Voila!
    There you'll be able to change your adress.

Can I send back my order?

  • When it comes to food, such as drinks and chewing gums, you can't send it back due to hygiene reasons. When it comes to clothes you can, but you'll be responsible for the shipping cost yourself. Once the clothes are back in our warehouse you'll get your refund.

But.. Can I change my clothes to another size?

  • Yes you can! Send back the package (sorry, you'll have to pay for the shipping cost yourself) with a note inside of what size you want to change to. Also send an email to customerservice@lohilofoods.com so they can let the warehouse know about the change.

Why does it say "Alvestaglass AB" and not Lohilo on my pick up order?

  • It might be a bit confusing but it is because Alvestaglass owns Lohilo. We're in the process of changing that, so no one gets too confused :D

How about additional charges for international shipments?

  • Yes, there might be additional charges added for international shipments. These are decided by y'alls countries local customs office and includes charges such as clearance fees, customs duty, goods and services tax (GST) and other taxes.

    We've no control over these charges and therefore we always recommend you to contact your local post office/authorities/customs if you're unsure about what local fees might be added to your order.


  • Norway has a special and strict tax and import system when you buy from an EU country (Sweden). This means that all purchases over 350 NOK will be taxed according to the import law.

    The base import duty is 331 NOK if the value of the purchase is over 320 NOK / 350 SEK. That means you'll get taxed at least 331 NOK no matter the value of your order.

    On top of that there's a 25% VAT (MVA) added to your order and a small cost for the customs handling and care.

    There's unfortunately no way around these costs if your order value is above 350 NOK.
    However, all orders under the limit of 350 NOK should go through without added costs. Woop woop!