We are not the ultimate version of us, until you have become the ultimate version of you.
Ready to do all it takes to bring you as much value as we possibly can to fulfill your potential.

Contributing to as many success stories as we possibly can. On a mission to become the best fu*king company in the world.

”The once crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the once who do” - Steve Jobs

LOHILOs DNA is to be nutritious & DELICIOUS!
While our competitors seems to focus more on being nutritious, but taste like shit.

Hard to keep ”taste like shit” in your everyday routine? Then you are going to love LOHILO, brought to the world to be the daily functional intake you are longing for. Not only because you are on a journey to become the ultimate version of you, but also: Because it is GOOD AF!
Mix your own 24-pack
€60 €36
Mix your own 48-pack
€120 €60

We are a small but extremely dedicated team who are on our own personal journey of becoming the ultimate version of us. LOHILO is our way to create a better reality for both ourselves and rest of the world.
Try for yourself and you will understand what we are rambling about

This last part is for those of you who already tried us out and wants to show the world that you are a person of ambition,  a member of the goal digger squad. We have down below gathered some favorites other dedicated fans forced us to bring to the world, if you are like them and us, you are going to love rockin these:

Since a lot of you guys feel like regularly buying our products is not enough, we have now also made it possible for everyone to become a shareholder!

LOHILO FOODS is now a listed company of which you can purchase shares in via the Stockholm stock exchange. Proudly marketed through the NASDAQ building located on Times Square – NYC.


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