Turmeric/Gurkmeja 150g - EU Organic in the group HEALTH at LOHILO Foods AB (publ) (42311)
Turmeric/Gurkmeja 150g - EU Organic
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Turmeric/Gurkmeja 150g - EU Organic

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Iron Magnesium
  • Product Description
  • Turmeric is a part of the ginger plant family (zingiberaceae). The tuber can be used as it is fresh, fully cooked or dried and ground to a fine orange-yellow powder. It is a common spice in Indian cooking. It is curcuminoids that give turmeric its yellow color.

    Superfruit's turmeric powder (Curcuma longa) contains 2,8-3,5% curcumin. Turmeric from the longa species has the highest natural content of curcumin. Turmeric grows wild in the forests of South and Southeast Asia and has been used in Ayurveda for over a thousand years. Turmeric is one of the key ingredients in Asian cuisine and can also be used in smoothies, ice cream, chia pudding and yogurt. Add a little black pepper along with turmeric, as it is said to increase the body's absorption of curcumin.

    Superfruit's turmeric have a high content of iron. Iron contributes to normal oxygen transport in the body and to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue. It is important with a versatile and balanced diet as well as a healthy lifestyle.

    Ingredients: Organic turmeric powder. 
    Origin: Mynamar.
    Storing: Store dry in room temperature, avoid direct sunlight. 
    Use: 1-2 tsp per day.
  • Functions
  • Iron
    Helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

    Contributes to electrolyte balance and normal protein synthesis.
  • Nutritional
  • Nutritional information per 100g

    Energy1428 kJ/340 kcal
    Fat10 g
    whereof saturated fat3,1 g
    Carbohydrates44 g
    whereof sugar3,2 g
    Fibre21 g
    Protein8,0 g
    Salt0 g
    Iron40 mg (285% DRI)
    Magnesium188 mg (50% DRI)
  • Ingredients
  • Organic turmeric powder. 
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