Hard to catch up with the Lohilo talk and wondering why we're communicating as we do?
GOOD NEWS! We made this page to help you out. After all, Lohilo is all about including people - not the other way around!


We, the ones who run Lohilo, is a bunch of young people. We're not only super into nutritious and delicious food, health and fitness but also: raised in a world where things are booth digital, global and where everything and everyone's connected online.
We do enjoy quite a lot of awesome offline activities as well. Such as eating and training! But when it comes to sharing our lives, spread news, recommendations, inspiration, keeping in touch with friends and reaching out - most of it goes through the clouds.
We want people to not only eat, drink and live Lohilo. But also spread the word so even more people can enjoy our healthy lifestyle. That's why we're producing what we call INSTAGRAM PERFECT products. We use the same language on our products and in our communication as the one we use online. Since that's the place we want our products to end up :)

However. Not everyone in our company or customer base is that young. For you guys we've made a dictionary!

  • INSTAGRAM PERFECT: designed to look good on photos - check out our new drink as a good example ;)
  • OMG: a shortening for "oh my god" - which is used when something is really really something else
  • CWYA: a shortening for "chat with you later"
  • <3: a heart symbol - or an ice cream cone if that's what love is for you
  • WTV: short for "whatever"
  • YAAASSS: a variation on the word “yes” - an expression of excitement or approval
  • U: YOU :*
  • AWESOME: extremely good
  • AWSM: a short form of "awesome"
  • AF: we use it as "absolutely fabulous" - placed directly after an adjective as a way to emphasize or exaggerate its meaning
  • FAB: a shortening for fabulous
  • ON FLEEK: looking absolutely on point/looking great
  • FUCK YEAH: an exclamation used to express that something is really great
  • CRAY: a shortening for crazy
  • FAM: a shortening for family
  • SQUATS: a very popular workout exercise - google it & try it out :)
  • PB: a shortening for "personal best" - meaning personal record
  • DIPS: another popular workout exercise
  • PIC OF THE WEEK: the best picture on Instagram of that whole week
  • INSTA: a shortening for Instagram

We're working closely with our awesome fam to make sure our communication and products not only follow the internal slang and micro trends. Our ambassadors are simply the best and have more or less become the heart of Lohilo!

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