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LOHILO Pink Padel Racket
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LOHILO Pink Padel Racket

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    approved by some of the best players in Sweden / hangouts and ambassadors at our own Lohilo padel arena located in Växjö Sweden, Nylandavägen 2.

    Made of 100% carbon like all the professional rackets out there which makes it really light weight.

    Recommended to all beginners and medium players who want really good things already from the start. If you care about Swag as well, then there is no better racket out there for ya: ONE OF A KIND

    Disclaimer: There are a few misspellings on this racket. That's what excitement do to you. Those mistakes comes for free and you can see it as a limited edition thang / once in a life time for you early adopters out there <3

    Visit lohiloarena.com for complete info  

    Country of origin- China
    Weight: 360g +/- 10 g
    Material: Normal Carbon and soft EVA material, Glossy surface.
    Grip: Normal size of handle and winding. No anti-vibration in the rack / Handle.

    Soft straight rack that fits all players, even children, but not a children's rack.

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