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Pink Lemonade - Functional KETO drink
Pink Lemonade - Functional KETO drink
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Pink Lemonade - Functional KETO drink

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Rehydrating KETO Friendly
ZERO caffeine NO SUGAR
  • Product Description
  • Ok, So we did it again! Let´s welcome this little beauty to the LOHILO family! Produced in Sweden (clean as clean) &good AF.

    This is our very first KETO drink EVER! This AWSM one has a rehydrating function, perfect for all you OCR competitors och runners out there! And ofc for ALL you babes who needs a little extra hydration in your life <3

    This is also our first drink without caffeine so it´s ok to enjoy even if you are pregnant or nursing or just want decaf alternative.

    Store dry, min 2*C max 22*C. Once opened, consume whitin one day.

  • Functions
  • Keto minerals and choline
    To support normal fat metabolism.

    Zero Caffeine
    This is a drink to enjoy at any hour of the day!

    Keeps those bones strong like bull.

    Helping to develop the brain so you can take over the world mwaaaaaaaahahahahah!

  • Nutritional
  • NUTRITIONALper 100mlper 330ml







    21kJ (5kcal)


    64mg, 8%**

    30mg, 8%**

    160mg, 8%**


    70kJ (17kcal)


    211mg, 26%**

    99mg, 26%**

    528mg, 25%**


  • Ingredients
  • Sparkling sugar freefitness drink with keto minerals, and choline to support normal fat metabolism. Lemon and pomegranate flavour. Contains sweeteners. Enjoyit well chilled.

    Ingredients: Carbonated water, acid (E330, E296), calcium saltsof citrate & methyl butric acid, magnesium citrate, potassium citrate, sodium citrate, choline bitartrate, flavour, sweetener (sucralose, E950), coloring (E163).

    Best before: See bottom of the can.

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