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LOHILO together with some of Sweden’s best players have developed three perfectly designed padel rackets for all types of experience levels. The pink padel racket is designed for the new padel player since its centered sweetspot makes it easy for new players to develop. The gray padel racket "Premium Curve Ball" with its matte surface for maximum grip is created for the slightly more experienced player while the white paddle racket "Diamond Pro" is for the professional padel player that makes the court shake when they enter. In combination with our padel rackets, we of course made sure to design some really nice, colorful padel balls.

Like other professional padel rackets, our padel rackets on LOHILO are 100% made out of carbon which is why our paddle racks are so extremely light. With the unbelievably light weight of 360 to 380 g, hard flex and grips made with absolute precision, you can be sure that you get a balanced padel racket that also represents the world's best brand. Which oneis that? LOHILO of course!

If you are looking to develop your game or perhaps test your new products from us at LOHILO, you are more than welcome to visit our very own LOHILO ARENA which is located at Nylandavägen 2, 35250 Växjö Sweden.


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