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Lohinella - High Protein Ice Cream
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Lohinella - High Protein Ice Cream

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  • Product Description
  • An ice cream so sweet and delicious that the ice cream gods themselves actually banned it on their planet Creamius. Creamy hazelnut swirls made out of rich and toasted hazelnuts as well as a mouth-watering current of luxurious chocolate are whipped together with our irresistible vanilla. We are completely NUTS about this.

  • Functions
  • Nutritional
  • Nutritional informationPer 100 gramPer box (175 g)/Annos 175g
    Energy/Energia671 kJ/ 161 kcal1174 kJ / 282 kcal
    Fat/Rasva8,5 g15 g
    Of which saturated/ Josta tyydyttynyttä3,9 g6,8 g
    Carbohydrates/ Hiilihydraatit16 g28 g
    Of which sugars/ Joista sokereita3,1 g5,4 g
    Of which polyols/ Joista polyoleja5 g8,8 g
    Dietary fibres/ Ravintokuitu10 g18 g
    Protein/Proteiini11 g19 g
    Salt0,02 g0,04 g
  • Ingredients

     / LOHILO LOHINELLA 350 ml/175 g Vanilla ice cream with hazelnut sauce (14%). Contains sugars and sweeteners. Ingredients: SKIMMED MILK, hazelnut sauce (sugar, sunflower oil, fat-reduced cocoa, maize fibre, chicory root fibre, sweeteners (isomalt, erythritol, sucralose), HAZELNUTS, pea protein, corn starch, flavours), whey protein (MILK), polydextrose, cream (MILK), SKIMMED MILK POWDER, sweeteners (erythritol, xylitol), dextrose, coconut oil, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), stabilizers (locust bean gum, guar gum), enzyme (lactase) vanilla flavour, vanilla powder. Traces of peanuts and almonds may be present. Storage: Store frozen at -18 °C or cooler. Best before: See date on package.

    FI / LOHILO LOHINELLA 350 ml/175 g Vaniljajäätelöä hasselpähkinäkastikkeella (14%). Sisältää sokereita ja makeutusaineita. Ainesosat: rasvaton MAITO, hasselpähkinäkastike (sokeri, auringonkukkaöljy, vähärasvainen kaakao, maissikuitu, sikurijuurikuitu, makeutusaineet (isomaltti, erytritoli, sukraloosi), HASSELPÄHKINÄ, herneproteiini, maissitärkkelys, aromit), heraproteiini (MAITO), polydekstroosi, kerma (MAITO), rasvaton MAITOjauhe, makeutusaineet (erytritoli, ksylitoli), dekstroosi, kookosöljy, emulgointiaine (rasvahappojen mono- ja diglyseridit), stabilointiaineet (johanneksenleipäpuujauhe, guarkumi), entsyymi (laktaasi), vanilja-aromi, vaniljajauhe. Saattaa sisältää pieniä määriä maapähkinää ja mantelia. Säilytys: Pakastettuna -18 ° C:ssa tai kylmemmässä. Parasta ennen: Katso pakkaus

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