Loaded Half & Half - High Protein Ice Cream in the group ICE CREAM at LOHILO Foods AB (publ) (41962)
Loaded Half & Half - High Protein Ice Cream
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Loaded Half & Half - High Protein Ice Cream

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- 23 grams of protein - As a healthy snack
- Before/ After Workout - Only natural sugars
  • Product Description
  • Vanilla ice cream (1%) and chocolate ice cream (3%) with cake pieces. Contains sweeteners. LOHILO is sweetened with a small amount of natural sugar from grapes, Xylitol and Erythriol. This product is free from lactose.
  • Functions
  • Nutritional
  • Nutritional informationPer 100 gramPer serving 100ml
    Energy653kJ / 156kcal 326kJ / 78kcal
    of which saturated2,6g1,3g
    of which sugars9,3g4,65g
    Dietry fibre9,7g4,85g
  • Ingredients
  • MILK, CASEIN (MILK), WHEY (MILK), CREAM (MILK), cocoapowder, dextrose, fructose, sweeteners(xylitol, erythritol),fibre (polydextrose), vegetableoil (coconut, sunflower),natural vanilla flavouring, coffee extract, stabilizers (locustbean gum, guargum), emulsifiers (vegetable mono-and diglyceridesof fattyacids), WHEATflour, rice flour, vanilla beans, enzym(lactase), salt. Traces of PEANUTS and other NUTS may be present. Storage: Store frozen at -18 °C or cooler. Best before: See date on package.
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