First of all: Welcome! Glad u found your way here :D

Our influencers & ambassadors are the heart of Lohilo. Literally! Almost all of our Lohilo staff is recruited from our ambassador fam who are the most important people to form and spread our message of Lohilo <3

Right now our ambassador & influencer list is a totally wonderful mix of world champions, macro, micro & nano influencers. The most important part is YOU and what influence YOU want to make on the world! If you share the same including, positive, healthy and loving values as us - we would love to have you onboard!

Disclaimer: This is no place for slackers, if you think you found your way to get free products for doing nothing - naaah, this is not the place for you. Sorry not sorry.
If you're a DOER though, who loves to do what you do best and to get rewarded based on actions.. Then we can't wait to have you onboard!

What are you waiting for?! Click on the link below to apply today! <3

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