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Damn! We love our protein ice cream so much that we actually created LOHILO from this very fact. ”LOHILO” which stands for LOw calories, HIgh functionality and LOw additives is the only thing you need to know when you buy our protein ice cream since our ice cream is so delicious that you could never guess that it actually is this good for ya. In addition to being rich in protein, low in kcal, low in sugar and low in fat, LOHILO protein ice cream is environmentally friendly and allergy-friendly! We literally eat, sh * t, live and breathe protein ice cream.

With protein ice cream from LOHILO, you suddenly have an opportunity to treat yourself to what you like most - completely without a guilty conscience. The high protein content, low amount of kcal, the INCREDIBLY low amount of sugar and the almost NON-EXISTING amount of fat you get when you buy LOHILO ice cream are just some of the benefits of our protein ice cream. With flavors from rich chocolate and creamy vanilla to flavors such as cooling mint, childishly good cake batter and the dreamy taste of LOHILO Damn Good - there really is a taste for everyone. Now only one question remains… which LOHILO ice cream will be your favorite?

LOHILO ice cream is available today in stores all over Sweden and Finland and with retailers that are expanding rapidly in countries such as Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Qatar, Saudiarabia, Iceland and Portugal, you now have the opportunity to enjoy our protein ice cream wherever you are… but not yet on our website... damn ;(

To give our protein ice cream justice, we at LOHILO did not want to risk you getting a melted ice cream home in your mailbox. Therefore, we are currently looking at other options for you to get your package of dreamy ice cream home. Until we have found a way for our awesome protein ice cream to arrive at your doorstep, just visit your nearest store and experience FOODGASM for the first time ever.


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