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Our functional drinks at LOHILO are intended for everyone. Are you a fitness lover? A beauty queen? Someone who doesn’t even know what this means? Then our functional drinks are intended for you <3 Why? Let us explain.

Whether you pick up one of our sugar-free functional drinks from the shelf at your local grocery store or order two trays from our website - you may not think much about it. But in your hand you are currently holding your biggest supporter. Packed with caffeine and other functions!

If you choose a drink from LOHILO’s beauty lover line, you give your body all the potential it needs to continue to be as beautiful as it already is <3 The collagen in LOHILO's functional drinks is a natural supplement that our bodies produce themselves to keep our skin, our hair and our nails in top shape. Our beauty lover line with LOHILO drinks also include Vitamin C and D which contribute to lots of good and necessary functions in our body. Unfortunately, these are not produced naturally in the body like collagen, so we have added 100% of your daily need to each LOHILO can!

Prepare for a journey to say the least if you succeed in choosing one of our fitness lover drinks! In these sugar-free drinks packed with caffeine, you’ll find BCAA which is a fantastic ingredient. This is also available as supplements here! BCAA is the collective name for three different amino acids that are essential for our body because it itself cannot produce them. This supplement counteracts mental fatigue and can therefore effectively increase one's performance. In addition, they also contribute to our ability to recover as well as repair and build muscle mass. In addition to BCAA, our fitness lover drinks also contain a variety of vitamins such as Vitamin D, B6, B1, Biotin and even the mineral Zinc! The benefits of these are endless and give you the right conditions for you to become the ultimate version of yourself.


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