Pink LOHILO Sports Bra 2.0 in the group FITNESS CLOTHING at LOHILO Foods AB (publ) (41665_r)
Pink LOHILO Sports Bra 2.0
Pink LOHILO Sports Bra 2.0
Pink LOHILO Sports Bra 2.0
Pink LOHILO Sports Bra 2.0
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Pink LOHILO Sports Bra 2.0


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Stretchy Seamless Super Comfortable
Wearing it ALWAYS
  • Product Description
  • Named this collection "Fitness Motivation" cuz I can't stop wearing it and it makes me want to workout like: ALL THE TIME just so I can wear it! Secret is though, I wear it even when not at gym.. when shopping, when chilling, when out public and everywhere I go I hear people talk about me like "that fitness girl", and I'm like: YAAASSS THATS ME HONEY???(long story short) I LOVE IT!!

    Our super fab model as well as Lohilo ambassador @michaelalindforss is 172cm tall and are wearing this piece of magic in size small.

    Advanced dry tech, almost like from the future. 

    - 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex
    - Lohilo logo on the chest
    - Removable padding 

    Available in several colors. Match with tights in the same color for the perfect outfit.

    *Made in China

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