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Diamond Pro - Carbon Padel Racket
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Diamond Pro - Carbon Padel Racket

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Pro Racket 3 Layers Carbon
Ultra light Wrist Strap ofc!
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  • The official padel rackets of Lohilo Fitness Club, approved by some of the best players in Sweden / hangouts and ambassadors at our own Lohilo padel center located in Växjö Sweden, Nylandavägen 2.

    3 layers of 100% carbon to make this PRO racket light AF!!!

    Designed with all that extra luxury to fit our most picky and aware professional players, perfect for you who do not settle for anything but the best.  

    BONUS: All our Padel rackets comes in smooth retro cases / bags with shoulder strap to protect your racket and to keep your hands free for BCAA drinks and other essentials :))  

    Visit lohilofitness.se for complete info  

    Country of origin- China
    Weight: 380g +/- 5g
    Material: 18k Carbon and soft EVA material. Sweetspot high and Glossy surface. Hard flex and rigid rack.
    Grip: Normal size of handle and winding. No anti-vibration in rack / Handle.

    Suitable for both women and men. Not suitable for children.

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