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Bubble Mint - Functional Chewing Gum - Vitamins for hair nails and beauty
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Bubble Mint - Functional Chewing Gum - Vitamins for hair nails and beauty

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  • Product Description

    Lohilo is so proud to present this new Swedish product that is here to kick some ass! It feels amazing to finally be able to bring these babes to the market and we are 100% sure they will ad tons of value to all of you out there looking to improve your life and results to the better.

    This functional product comes in 3 different flavors - to start with. And they all have different functions to improve certain areas of your fitness goals, wellbeing and beauty.  

    Functional chewing gum with a Bubble Mint flavour. Contains sweeteners.

  • Functions
  • Sweet Mint: designed to improve ya gym result with caffeine and functions to help build your muscles.

    Bubble Mint: our first true beauty product!!! Functions to boost ya hair, nails & fab body inside out!

    Melon Mint: want to lose weight by reducing your sugar need and cravings?! This one is made for u <3  

    If you assume that these products will taste like shit cuz of all the functions.. you have never been more mistaken. The taste might even be the best part <3

    We're after all a great bunch of ice cream lovers. People like us would never ever compromise on taste and pleasure! Think about that and never make such an assumption again :( At least not when it comes to Lohilo... :D

  • Nutritional
  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients: sweeteners: xylitol, sorbitol, base gum (SOYA), sweeteners: mannitol, maltitol syrup, natural flavours, vitamins: B2, B3, B8, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, moisturizer: glycerin, thickening agent: arabic gum, coloring agent: red beetroot, titaniumdioxide (NANO), mint naturals flavours, sweeteners: potassium acesulfame, sucralose, coating agent: carnauba wax. Keep cold, dry and out of reach for children.
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