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Produced in Sweden (clean as clean) & good AF. Try me once and u will never look back <3

Each can is prepped with vitamins and minerals to cover 50% of your daily intake. Read: drink 2 to get 100% of your daily dose. Easy math^^

BCAA: Boosting ya muscle growth and enhancing performance during them hard workouts yo!
Caffeine: Boosting energy & focus to improve ya results.  
Vitamin D: Keeps those bones strong like bull.
Vitamin B6: Helping to develop the brain so you can take over the world mwaaaaaaaahahahahah!
Vitamin B1: Plays a key role in, nerve, muscle and heart function, so B1 baby its mucho important.
Biotin: Wanna be like Goldie locks? Then make sure to get some Biotin in your belly, also helps with nail growth and nerve development.
Zinc: Helps for proper growth and maintenance of your Bod Baby boo.

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