Fitness Motivation - Pink Lohilo Leggings - Lohilo
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Fitness Motivation - Purple Lohilo Leggings - Lohilo
599 kr

Fitness Motivation - Purple Lohilo Sports Bra

299 kr
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Fitness Motivation - Purple Lohilo Sports Bra - Small is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

- Stretchy Seamless🤸‍♀️
- Wearing it: ALWAYS🙏
- Small, Medium, Large

Named this collection "Fitness Motivation" cuz I can't stop wearing it and it makes me want to workout like: ALL THE TIME just so I can wear it! Secret is though, I wear it even when not at gym.. when shopping, when chilling, when out public and everywhere I go I hear people talk about me like "that fitness girl", and I'm like: YAAASSS THATS ME HONEY💪🍑🏆(long story short😂) I LOVE IT 💖

Our super fab model as well as Lohilo ambassador @juliaasjokvist is 162cm tall and are wearing this piece of magic in size small.

Advanced dry tech, almost like from the future 👩‍🚀54% nylon, 34% polyester, 12% spandex

IF/WHEN very high demand:

We are always trying to have PLENTY of these in stock but if, just if, these sells out so that we can't ship it to you right away following will happen:

1 - We will ship the rest of your order right away

2 - We will contact you by mail to tell you that you can either wait a bit longer for this piece of clothing or you can easily cancel that part of the order to get your money back as quick as we have your answer. Either way: You will get a great compensation from us straight up for the inconvenience.

3 - If you are OK to wait for this part of your order we will send you an even greater compensation packed together with your clothing when it will finally arrive. This to thank you for your patience and cuz you are u and cuz u rock <3