Working out smart ice cream.

Lohilo’s founder Donnie Lygonis had just finished a workout and his body yearned for a delicious ice cream that was also nutritious. There was nothing on offer. We made up our minds right then and there, Donnie Lygonis and the team at Alvestaglass. It was high time someone created delicious, healthy ice cream.

Today, deep in the forests of Småland, we produce LOHILO®, a protein ice cream full of natural ingredients and utterly free of unnecessary additives. Ideal before or after a workout – or whenever you just feel like something delicious.

Some of the smart things about our ice cream:

  • It’s sweetened with natural sugars from grapes and lactitol.
  • A single portion (175 g) contains no less than 23 g of whey and casein protein.
  • It contains 13 to 14% protein per 100 g, which is more than quark.
  • It has a low lactose content of less than 1%.

Today, LOHILO® protein ice cream is available in a range of delicious flavours, all of which combine low levels of sugar and fat with high levels of protein. In other words, truly smart ice cream. Keep your eye on the freezer section for more exciting products to come.

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